Trophy Hunter vs Wildlife Advocate

Too often hunters in general try to prove non hunters are hypocrites. Well, let’s take a look at a couple of their theories and poke some holes in them shall we?
Allow me to once again reiterate that this page is NOT anti hunting! Some of us come from hunting families! However, we are against certain aspects and methods used by hunters and organizations, as well as being against the hunting of wild predators!
Theory #1. We eat meat so we are hypocrites. Well, I can almost understand this theory. Yes some of us do eat meat – I happen to love meat! Problem is, the meat I eat was raised to be eaten, and that’s its only purpose! This consists of beef, turkey, chicken, pork and fish as the staples. But it could also include wildlife such as elk that are bred and raised for consumption – sorry elk lovers but that is a fact. However, since wolves are not raised for consumption then wolf advocates are NOT hypocrites!
Theory #2. We live in houses so we must not respect wildlife thus we are hypocrites? Sorry, but where I live, the building was here before I got here. It was built by people I do not know, long ago. So there isn’t much I can do about it is there? Now yes if it were a new project being erected at the cost of destroying wildlife habitat I could fight it. To be honest I am currently doing against our new police station proposal! I can only do what I can do, the rest is in God’s hands! So, am I still a hypocrite?
Theory #3. Hunters contribute more to wildlife than non-hunters do, so we aren’t true advocates. Yes they do contribute to wildlife in a way, but not the way they are claiming. They pay for ammo to use to shoot predators – for sport mind you but they are only funding more of the same. Plus, a lot of so-called funding can be used as a tax write off! Furthermore, we as tax paying citizens also fund some of the same, in a reluctant manner, however! Companies that make ammo or guns also promote killing of predators, yet these same people are NOT officials assigned to do such. We as activists do things in person to help wildlife, not just funding a project!
Theory #4. I am just a stupid wolf a boo who doesn’t know what those vermin wolves have done. No, I prefer to think about it as having enough respect, common sense and understanding that predators are the natural law of nature! They are living breathing sentient beings just like you are. They tend to mate for life and remain loyal to their mate, even at the cost of leaving the pack! They experience many different emotions and express their feelings loud and clearly.
Theory #5. You don’t know anything about these killing machines. Sorry but yes we do. Predator hunters tend to use/post information from predator hunting websites, where as we tend to use official websites. When they are confronted with hard proof and evidence – whether in person or online – they tend to become arrogant, ignorant or hateful.
Theory #6. The only good predator is a dead predator. Fact is, we need them more than they need us. Without the proper balance in the wild, we doom more than just the ecosystem! Plus predators are the law of nature itself! They manage the smaller animal populations – most notably the rodent population, weak/older/injured/sick prey, some times young prey – and can be easily controlled with NON-LETHAL methods. They also are unable to distinguish between what is normal wild prey, and what is livestock. Furthermore, even unsuccessful wolf hunts/kills still manage to harm wolves due to the stress it places on them. Just because they are wild animals doesn’t mean they don’t experience legitimate feelings/emotions! Just like a human, they feel pain physically and emotionally. However, although wolves act on instinct and do maintain memories to an extent, they do not normally act out of revenge or for vengeance! Did it ever occur to you that things are exactly as they are supposed to be? NOTE: Finding and gassing a wolf den is not very humane at all. The end result is still death for the pups and if the female is present and pregnant then, those unborn wolf pups she is carrying are also dead as is she. Collaring wolves to supposedly track wolves for positive reasons actually works against the thought as the collars can become a death sentence for wolves. Baiting wolves or using a Judas wolf shows just how far man has regressed back to barbaric methods and is the most despicable method used. Removing wolves from their natural environment and territory defeats the purpose and just creates newer problems for the next person. Trapping wolves is another extremely barbaric way of controlling wolves and often leads to mismanagement of trapping regulations. It is also very inhumane as well! Sponsoring or increasing a wolf cull will only lead to illegal hunts and poaching of wolves. Those hunts also tend to lead to frequent accidental or wrongful deaths of dogs and or hunters. And why do avid hunters have the right to use a high-powered rifle with a high-tech scope and prime ammunition to be able to shoot predators at great distances? That is extremely un sportsman like and takes away from the true meaning of hunting. Actually, that is not conservation at all, but more like desperation! How many species have already been pushed into extinction because humans thought they were God? How many more must suffer the same fate?
Theory #7. You don’t have to deal with them continually killing your livestock. Killing predators to save livestock will not help manage said predator population, nor will it help save livestock. In fact, it actually opens the door for more interactions from other predators, at an increased level! This is why non-lethal methods are encouraged. There are numerous non-lethal methods that are proven cost-effective. What happens when a family pet gets neglected? They tend to become un-trainable and can be extremely aggressive out of fear, especially when it comes to lack of food! So how is that any different from a wolf or any other predator species? Not only that but Elk feeding stations actually encourage more predator encounters due to the nature of it! So the point is the predators act exactly how they are supposed to act, so who are you to feel you need to manage them?
Theory #8. Non lethal methods do not work. Sorry but so much research has been done regarding non-lethal methods and/or ways to manage wildlife, more specifically wolves, and they have ALL been found cost-effective and proven to be fairly successful. It’s amazing that some of what is researched was covered in-depth and approved of by the USFWS, yet too many ranchers/hunters don’t use those methods? That furthers the notion that an organization or an agency, is only as good as its leadership is!
Theory #9. Hunting for food, and taking a picture of said kill is 1 thing – hunting a predator or exotic animal for sport or a trophy, then taking a photo and exploiting it is a totally different story! It has been documented and proven in so many ways that we can live in peace, but there are some of us that are apparently still blind and deaf!
Theory #10. While no one wants to see livestock attacked/killed by other predators (NOT JUST WOLVES) we also do not want to see wolves needlessly slaughtered for no justifiable reason either! There are countless NON LETHAL ways to deal with wolves, as you should be well aware of – but your solution is to eradicate them?
Closing remarks: All predators are pursued by poachers, despised by ranchers, hunted/trapped/killed/harassed by so many, despite the fact how essential they are!If you value wildlife, then join our fight against the corrupt people and agencies trying to strip them of their protection again! Besides, why would we want anybody who is against wildlife rights to be in office of an agency that is responsible for their well-being anyway?