Dakota’s Den Rescue created by Dixey Evans
Dakota’s Den is asking your helping. I need feed, and pens finished for rescues. I am trying to save lives, Wolf-hybrids are put to sleep on arrival little dogs, only have a few days at a High kill shelter. They little chance of being adopted, when the fee is $165.
I have spend all the funds I have, till I go back to work, which can not happen until the pens are finished.
Please note, I live in a small trailer, not the big house in background.
I have over 500 FB friends, belong to several Groups with a membership of over 1000 each. If everyone would just give $5.00 this would take care of our needs for quite awhile. Please help these babies, the others that need to come here. Look in heart for them. God Bless


Protect The Wolves Sanctuary
Please help PROTECT THE WOLVES ® Sanctuary Inc. to relocate 23 Wolves from Idaho to our Proposed California Location They are A Native American Religious Non-Profit. All Donations are tax deductible, a copy of their NTEE x99 filing is available on their website:
Help them create a Sanctuary that will help save wolves Nationwide , not just these first 23. A copy of their Business Plan is available for large supporters also on their website.
23 Wolves lives are now depending on us. All donations are appreciated, large or small.
They only have until December 31. 2016 to make this happen we have learned today from a Phone Conference.

The Good Wolf Org

GOOD WOLF is an IRS approved 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our mission is to educate the public about the true nature of wolves, the important role predators play in maintaining healthy ecosystems, and to encourage humane, objective and biologically sound wildlife preservation policies. Wolves have been unfairly maligned by lies, fairy tales, fear-mongering and political agendas that caused them to be hunted to near extinction in the lower 48 states in the last 200 years. Through education and advocacy GOOD WOLF seeks to dispel the ignorance, myths, unfounded fear and persecution of these majestic animals by creating understanding and appreciation of their true nature.

STOP the wolf conflict in Norway:

Norway Has 68 Wolves Left—and It Wants to Kill 47 of Them. That’s the opposite of conservation (and a recipe for extinction).

An economic, political and social conflict
By Hanna Lodberg-Holm

Click to access The_wolf_conflict_in_Norway_av_Hanna_Lodberg-Holm.pdf

11,000 hunters line up to kill 16 wolves in Norway

Norwegian government plans to cull 70 per cent of its wolf population
The Norwegian Government will cull four of its wolf packs.

51,000 protest Norway wolf cull
by admin · Published October 5, 2016 · Updated October 7, 2016
Politicians’ move to kill wolves to help protect livestock sees considerable protest


Petition: Save The Endangered Norwegian Wolves!

Save the wolves in Norway