For our coyotes…

I am actually quite happy about something in Rockford. Recently there have been a few “coyote” sightings within the city limits, which isn’t unheard of at all. But for the MOST part, people seem to be accepting this by not resorting to killing them, other than the occasional smart aleck comment. That’s actually a plus, and most of it is due to education about how to deter wildlife without harming them. IT WORKS! People are learning to keep track of pets and keep yards picked up as a rule of thumb, especially if either: 1. A coyote has been seen in the vicinity or 2. They live in generalized coyote territory (which can vary due to conditions/situations). Coyotes are generally nomadic scavengers, opportunistic hunters, usually very timid and scare easily. As a result, they tend to hunt prey that is “smaller” than they are! Unfortunately, this does include smaller pets. Sorry, but a coyote can’t tell the difference between a rabbit or a cat when it is desperately hungry! Nor do they go to the store when they are hungry either. The best way to scare off a coyote is simply – make yourself LARGER than they are! I agree their population is increasing like crazy, but there have been no real creditable aggressive coyote encounters (threats) to date that I have heard of in the city. In other words, when there is a “pattern” of aggressiveness THEN there is a problem! So I give Rockfordians a huge thumbs up for this and suggest to other cities/towns to do the same! Education works!

Standing up for our “yotes”

Ok, so I ran into a situation earlier… Keep in mind that I personally know this person so I will not disrespect him. But I was taken aback about something he mentioned on social media. He was complaining about how a coyote took a turkey that his friend had shot while they were hunting in the countryside. His remedy was/is the typical anti predator answer – hunt them and kill them!

Sorry but, I just don’t see how anyone can justify being angry at a coyote for hunting in the countryside which is his territory!
Where else is a coyote supposed to hunt?
Where else is a coyote supposed to live?
Before I go any farther, let me mention that YES I honestly do think coyotes are a problem in many areas, but killing (shooting) them is NOT the answer and is unacceptable! There are MANY proven cost effective and successful NON LETHAL measures to deter coyotes away!

Rant over…
𝓕𝓸𝓻 𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓛𝓸𝓿𝓮 𝓞𝓯 𝓦𝓸𝓵𝓿𝓮𝓼

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: more info about Guardian M1396


The wolf pair is living in the Gila National Forest. The targeted male wolf, given the name “Guardian” in a children’s pup-naming contest after his birth two years ago, comes from the Fox Mountain Pack – a wolf family that has endured repeated government persecution. Last year, Guardian’s brother was trapped by the government, and two years before their birth, the alpha female of the pack was trapped too; she never saw her family again and died in captivity after years of forlorn pacing of the fence that kept her from freedom.

Guardian is to be removed for killing cattle. But, while livestock owners are compensated for livestock lost to wolves, and offered financial and logistical assistance with depredation avoidance measures, there is no corresponding requirement for livestock owners to take measures to protect their cattle from depredations, or to remove livestock carcasses on public lands that can be scavenged by wolves, which is known to habituate wolves to prey on stock. This may have happened in this case, as the carcasses of two cows that died from calving complications were found in this area in February.

Last year, Mexican wolf numbers in Arizona and New Mexico decreased by 12% from 110 to 97 animals. There were only six breeding pairs. Three wolves have already died this year, including two accidentally killed by government managers in the course of trapping.

Fish and Wildlife Service routinely announces that it intends to release wolves from the captive breeding population but in deference to livestock industry opposition, rarely actually does so. Only four captive-bred wolves have been released during the entire Obama presidency; three are dead, including one killed by the government, and the fourth was trapped and placed back in captivity


Guardian M1396 petition press coverage from a little over a year ago

This is the press coverage from our petition to get Guardian M1396 released a little over a year ago!

I was FINALLY able to get the 3 videos about our petition downloaded and merged into a single video! I want to give a HUGE shout out to ALL of those who helped make this petition a SUCCESS! I would ALSO like to thank for their help with the petition to help make it a HUGE success! Lastly I would like to thank KRQE (CBS) Albuquerque, KRQUE (CBS) Albuquerque, NM and KASA (FOX) Albuquerque, for their MEDIA coverage (these 3 videos)!
Guardian WAS been released a little over a year ago – for more information on the original petition & story including the ORIGINAL petition itself – please visit:


wildlife and habitat

Coming soon to a National Park near you…

NOTHING – because @POTUS & @GOP passed a bill that included a rider that destroys wildlife habitats! Besides that, we already allowed all of our predator wildlife to be either hunted or trapped into extinction, and the rest died off as a result, and we sold all of our land to investors and developers to fatten our wallets a little more. But, how about checking out our fantastic and amazing oil rigs?
Still interested or not?

Douglas W. Lopes

Sorry, but it’s time to rant for our wildlife

Tax bill marks GOP victory in 38-year fight to open Arctic drillingSay goodbye to your wildlife… they just got evicted from their HOME because @POTUS & @GOP can’t get their heads out of each others asses!

This bullshit just gave our arctic wildlife an eviction notice!
Are you satisfied with this?

THIS is why I fight bullshit like this! HOW does THIS lower the deficit and/or #MAGA? If it is so positive – why did they have to SNEAK IT IN AS A RIDER?


You think that’s bad? Wait until HR 4647 passes. It’s packaged as a "pro wildlife" bill but it’s being pushed by Big Oil using YOUR tax dollars. They want to fast-track animals off the endangered species list so they can go in and decimate their habitat for fossil fuel exploration. And everybody LOVES it because it looks like it’s all about the animals.

Hint: IT"S NOT. It’s about Big Oil leveling every last acre of habitat for PROFIT. Kiss your wildlife
good bye.

So in other words – the way things are shaping up: so much for our National Parks being preserved now! But hey, we have a lovely view of some old broken down oil rigs if you are interested in seeing them? No?