What we stand for & What we do


Welcome to For The Love Of Wolves
Welcome to the For The Love Of Wolves website. 
First of all, no we do not claim to be wolf experts at all.
Secondly, we are not affiliated with any business, organization or not for profit organization.
We are just a group of people who do this in our spare time.
Plus, we have 1 thing in common; our love of wolves.

The purpose of this site is to help encourage & generate new & continued support for wolves worldwide! We do this by trying to provide wolf related pictures (some are edited, some are remixed, some are new creations), animated gifs (yes we try to warn those who are seizure prone when necessary), links, videos, statistics, petitions, basic wolf education, music and conversation! **Unless otherwise stated, we do not own any photos or videos.** We try to be organized and accurate but we are only humans using technology. We may make mistakes from time to time but we will correct them if/when brought to our attention.

We respect, value & welcome your wolf related comments, questions, feedback, suggestions and opinions, provided they are not attacking other individuals or the page itself. Please keep your comments clean because there are kids who view this page! We encourage you to post your wolf related pictures, links, stories, videos, petitions, info etc, and if desired we can re post them for you (with proper credit given to you) so they can be seen by more people. However, if it is a personal photo of someone or if it literally belongs to someone else, then please be respectful and ask them first!

Also, for your own safety and protection, please do not post any personal information!

 The site is constantly being maintained, updated and evolving as well as growing. We will eventually post a note about the brief history of the page. Eventually we will also be posting notes containing current wolf info in the near future. We are in the process of trying to collect info regarding some wolf ambassadors to pass along and hopefully keep tabs on them. But none of it could or would be possible without the real wolf photographers and/or artists, the numerous wolf conservation sites and not for profit organizations and others as well. They deserve the real credit for their tireless work behind the scenes, and we support that work. We ask that you do the same. Every little bit helps. 

Yes we like to share other people’s work and try to give proper credit to the proper people, if known. Occasionally we may post about wolf hybrids, foxes, coyotes etc, but our main focus is on wolves. Sometimes our posts may be a little controversial and may create difficult discussions, but it’s because it’s something we feel that strong about.

We will not tolerate anti wolf propaganda or spam on the page, and ask if you do post anything to keep it wolf related. We will warn a couple times if needed, and ban if necessary. NOTICE: PHOTOS OF DEAD, TRAPPED OR INJURED WOLVES WITHOUT PROPER EXPLANATION OF SUCH WILL RESULT IN AN INSTANT BAN! 

We try to communicate with other wolf websites, twitter, facebook wolf groups/pages, and some not for profit organizations at times, and try to provide as accurate stats and info as possible. Please be aware that our info depends on info we research from other sources. So if the info is wrong, then it was inaccurate to begin with. Also, we do not intend to step on toes of other wolf pages/sites at all!

We like to create and post/share many images and there has been numerous comments asking and/or requesting where these items can be purchased. Well, unless it’s otherwise stated with a link and info, they are just images. But, if you know of a place who can custom make those items, then feel free to do so, provided you inform us and keep us up to date with details, (especially if a portion of profit [if any] was donated to a wolf organization so we can support the cause), and get proper recognition in return. 

Please note, this website is NOT intended as a site to be used for direct solicitation purposes (selling or buying anything), wolf related or not. This site is done out of love as a hobby for all of us! We will promote and support other facebook wolf related groups/pages and other wolf sites/pages, provided you return the favor! In other words, this is a team effort for all!

We do not claim to be experts at all, just dedicated people doing what we can to help wolves worldwide! If there is something that may be a little graphic we will try to warn viewers ahead of time. If we share artwork, we will acknowledge the creator, if known! If you see a photo that you like, feel free to click share. However, if you must download it to share it, we’d appreciate the recognition for it and we will strive to do the same in return! If there is work on the page that you feel needs recognition, please message us so we can take care of it asap! 

Lastly, I would like to thank those that contribute to the site in 1 way or another in the past, present, and future; and a special thank you to the site moderators! Please show them respect, because this site couldn’t and probably wouldn’t exist without their help! This site sometimes takes a lot of time, work and effort and we all try our best to make it happen, for free!

 Thank you for your continued love and support of wolves worldwide!
Click like to join our wolf movement today!

Your hosts:
Barbara D


Wolf Stare

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