For our coyotes…

I am actually quite happy about something in Rockford. Recently there have been a few “coyote” sightings within the city limits, which isn’t unheard of at all. But for the MOST part, people seem to be accepting this by not resorting to killing them, other than the occasional smart aleck comment. That’s actually a plus, and most of it is due to education about how to deter wildlife without harming them. IT WORKS! People are learning to keep track of pets and keep yards picked up as a rule of thumb, especially if either: 1. A coyote has been seen in the vicinity or 2. They live in generalized coyote territory (which can vary due to conditions/situations). Coyotes are generally nomadic scavengers, opportunistic hunters, usually very timid and scare easily. As a result, they tend to hunt prey that is “smaller” than they are! Unfortunately, this does include smaller pets. Sorry, but a coyote can’t tell the difference between a rabbit or a cat when it is desperately hungry! Nor do they go to the store when they are hungry either. The best way to scare off a coyote is simply – make yourself LARGER than they are! I agree their population is increasing like crazy, but there have been no real creditable aggressive coyote encounters (threats) to date that I have heard of in the city. In other words, when there is a “pattern” of aggressiveness THEN there is a problem! So I give Rockfordians a huge thumbs up for this and suggest to other cities/towns to do the same! Education works!

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