Sorry, but it’s time to rant for our wildlife

Tax bill marks GOP victory in 38-year fight to open Arctic drillingSay goodbye to your wildlife… they just got evicted from their HOME because @POTUS & @GOP can’t get their heads out of each others asses!

This bullshit just gave our arctic wildlife an eviction notice!
Are you satisfied with this?

THIS is why I fight bullshit like this! HOW does THIS lower the deficit and/or #MAGA? If it is so positive – why did they have to SNEAK IT IN AS A RIDER?


You think that’s bad? Wait until HR 4647 passes. It’s packaged as a "pro wildlife" bill but it’s being pushed by Big Oil using YOUR tax dollars. They want to fast-track animals off the endangered species list so they can go in and decimate their habitat for fossil fuel exploration. And everybody LOVES it because it looks like it’s all about the animals.

Hint: IT"S NOT. It’s about Big Oil leveling every last acre of habitat for PROFIT. Kiss your wildlife
good bye.

So in other words – the way things are shaping up: so much for our National Parks being preserved now! But hey, we have a lovely view of some old broken down oil rigs if you are interested in seeing them? No?



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