My LATEST email to Donny Martorello

Dear Mr. Martorello,
I want to appeal to your humanity, if you have any that is! Last year you ignored facts and figures and spent HOW MUCH tax payer money to hunt & kill the Profanity Peak Pack? Not only that, but you did so illegally by baiting the wolf pack and placing cattle on KNOWN wolf territory! Then how many times would you call it off, just to change your mind and continue to pursue the remaining members of the pack! More than likely all you did was split 1 large pack into a couple smaller packs now – so what did you accomplish? NOTHING!

Now you plan on doing the exact same thing to the Smackout pack based on LAST YEARS DEPRADATIONS? Is that REALLY necessary? What do you hope to accomplish at this point in time? Plus this includes the confirmed wolf depredation by Sherman Wolf Pack…Your cattle are no longer grazing on said fields at the moment. Destroying another wolf pack will NOT bring back your lost cattle, NOR will it totally prevent FUTURE attacks! All this proves is your lust for greed and power. We respectfully ask you to please reconsider what you are doing!


Douglas W. Lopes


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