What is YOUR animal spirit?

Some different types of totem animals include:

Animal Characteristics/Symbolises

ALLIGATOR Survival, Stealth ANT Patience, family, team-work

ANTELOPE Action, Speed, Grace, Rapid Advancement

ARMADILLO Boundaries

BADGER Aggressiveness

BAT Rebirth

BEAR Healing, Inner knowing, Strength, Introspection

BEAVER Building, Shaping, Structure

BUFFALO Prayer, Abundance, Healing, Good Fortune

BUTTERFLY Transformation, Balance, Grace

CAMEL Patience, resilience

CANARY Faithful, friendly

CARIBOU Travel, Mobility

CAT Agile, Resourceful

COUGAR Balance, Majesty

COYOTE Humor, Trickiness, Reversal of Fortune

COW Placid, gentle, faithful

CRANE Balance, Majesty

CROW Council, Wisdom, Resourcefulness, Law

DEER body awareness, alertness, Gentleness, Sensitivity, Peace

DOG Loyalty, team-work, family

DOLPHIN Psychic abilities, initiators, Joy, Harmony, Connection with Self

DOVE Peace, tranquility

DOVE, TURTLE Safety, peace

DRAGON Protection, fertility, balance

DRAGONFLY Skill, Refinement, Relentlessness

EAGLE Potency, Healing Power, Illumination, High ideals, spiritual philosophy

ELK Stamina, Pride, Power, Majesty

FAERY Gentleness, friendship

FOX Elusiveness, agility, cleverness, Camouflage, Subtlety, Discretion

FROG Cleansing, Peace, Emotional Healing

GARGOYLE Faithful, patient

GOAT Tenacity, Diligence

GOOSE Safe Return, Love of Home

HAWK Perception, Focus, protection, Awareness, Truth

HEDGEHOG Self-preservation

HERON Intuition, organization

HORSE Stability, courage, Freedom, Power, Safe Movement

HUMMINGBIRD Beauty, Wonder, Agility, Joy

JAGUAR shamanic wisdom, focused power

LION, MOUNTAIN Strength, elusiveness, leadership

LIZARD Dreaming, Letting Go, Elusiveness

LOON Communication, Serenity

LYNX Secrets

MOLE Trusting, instrospection

MOOSE Self-esteem, Unpredictability, Spontaneity

MOUSE Innocence, faith, trust, scrutiny, illusion, charm

OCTOPUS Resourceful

OPOSSUM Diversion

OTTER Medicine (woman), Joy, Laughter, Lightness

OWL symbolic wisdom, shadow work, vision, insight

PANDA Shy, introspection

PARROT Intelligent, patient

PIG Resourcefulness, family

PORCUPINE Innocence, Humility

QUAIL Protectiveness, Group Harmony

RABBIT faith, nurturance, Conquering Fear, Safety, Innocence

RAT Resilient, family, resourceful

RAVEN Inner journeys, dreams, Mystery, Exploration of the Unknown, Magick

SALMON Trust, Strength, Determination, Persistence

SANDPIPER Quickness, Foraging, Scavenging

SEAGULL Carefree Attitude, Versatility, Freedom

SEAL Contentment

SHARK Dominant, confident, intelligent

SKUNK Caution, Warning, Respect, Reputation

SLOTH Tenacious, patient

SNAIL Perserverance, Determination

SNAKE Transmutation, Power, Life Force, Sexual Potency

SPIDER Web of Life, Interconnectedness, Industrious, Weaving

SQUIRREL Trust, Thrift, Gathering

SWAN Grace, Elegance, Nurturing Together, Relationship, Oneness

THUNDERBIRD Protection, good luck

TIGER Strength, resourcefulness

TURKEY Resourcefulness

TURTLE Peaceful, Symbolic of the Goddess, Love & Protection, Healing & Knowledge

UNICORN Peace, love, tranquility

VULTURE Patience, perseverance

WHALE Record Keeper, Creativity & Intuition

WEASEL Stealth

WOLF Earth wisdom, protection, Creativity & Intuition, Teacher

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