Decided to send a follow up email

I decided to send the following email to INFO

Hello. My name is Douglas Lopes and I am a wolf activist and advocate. Last year I got word of a certain wolf (Guardian M1396) being harassed and captured – for no viable reasons other than he was just feeding his pack, including his pups! I started several petitions including a HUGE petition process – which netted about 78,000 signatures, was on broadcast television and was delivered via US POSTAL Service to Dr B. Tuggle. After that, we continued with follow up phone calls and emails but NEVER received a reply at all! The other day I FINALLY received info stating he now resides at YOUR facility and is supposedly doing well. HOWEVER, I am seeking VISUAL proof of this so I can re assure those that helped fight for his release with me that he IS indeed alive and well! I am asking to be able to speak with someone on the phone as well – and perhaps a statement from your organization stating Guardian’s CURRENT situation!


Douglas W. Lopes

Let’s see what I can find out from them!

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