How it feels to be hunted & shot…

I will play the part of the animal being hunted/shot!


It’s a nice sunny autumn morning, and here I am out in the middle of this field with nothing to do today! I think I will just go for a walk and see what I run into!

Boy it sure is nice out and not a soul around. I could just sit here all day and enjoy doing absolutely nothing! (suddenly there is a noise and a strange scent).

What was that noise? I don’t see anything there, but there is a strange smell now. Should I investigate it or just run away? (more noises)

What ever it is, it is getting closer fast. I better go this way as quietly as I can. I wonder what it is that I heard, and what is that strange smell? I better go check on my family, to make sure they are ok. (the animal see’s movement behind it)

What is that? Why is it following me? It’s getting too close for comfort but I am moving as fast as I dare without being seen! (hunter makes a noise from his rifle)

That sure sounded strange, I better hurry up and get out of here. (animal starts running faster towards the woods). What is this thing that is chasing me? (the shot rings out)

OUCH! What was that? It stings so much! Why is the ground turning red? What did I do? How come this hurts so badly? Why I am having a hard time walking now? (and a second shot)

I…can’t…catch…my…breath! My…legs…won’t…work! (animal trips and falls)

Where is my family? What is this thing that hit me? I am so scared! (animal collapses as a silent darkness sets in)

Hunter – well that sure is a pretty animal and it sure was a great shot!

Meanwhile, the remaining family members can only sit and wonder, what happened to mom?



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