I am sure that I’m about to piss some people off, but I don’t care!

I have come to the conclusion that humans no longer have the capacity of using common sense. Too many people wanna mess with the natural order of life and disturb and/or destroy the culture in the process! Why do we always have to interfere with wildlife, or intrude on their territory?  Oh sure they may have this vision (dream) that they are doing something for the best interest of all, but in the end it is their own agenda behind it all! Although wildlife was never meant to be domesticated, doesn’t it stand to reason that MOST (NOT ALL) animals can be domesticated to an extent? Ever wonder why? Because animals are intelligent! Some animals that can NOT be tamed would be mostly venomous animals, simply because they are dangerous to handle. Thus since many species of wildlife are NOT venomous they can be handled with less fear! But still we fear so many animals that we go out of our way to harm them before they can harm us!

But, many animals are used for so many positive things! Animals show love in ways we as humans just can’t fathom! I know you have seen domesticated pets reaction when you give them a treat, or when you come home after a long day at work! Animals can even sense when humans are upset, angry, tired or even sad! They are used as therapy animals, farming animals (when treated properly). All animals can live happy peaceful lives and we CAN co-exist with them ALL! Lastly an animal will show you love like you’ve never known before – out of loyalty!

How many ways do humans exploit animals? By:

  1. Trophy hunting, trapping, poaching

  2. Zoo’s, circuses, side shows

  3. Destroying wilderness habitats for commercial development

  4. Experimenting on animals for products intended for our benefit not theirs

  5. To have as exotic pets, to take selfies with dead/injured animals

  6. Betting venues (horse racing etc)

  7. Farming (when not necessary)

This doesn’t seem right does it? So what do you think we should do about it, and how?

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