Controlling coyotes is worth the effort

So/Too many people complain about the coyote population and how out of control it is! Well, the truth is, no one is disputing that or arguing with you! But, who are we to play God with another species that the Great Creator (God) created? But, regardless of that, how about the current Canadian Geese population – which is even worse? There are simple non-lethal ways to control them! Some are relatively simple, some not so simple but effective! So, since it can be done with Canadian Geese which are more elusive than coyotes, it stands to realize that the same can most likely be proven about the coyote population – which has been proven effective as well!

But here is a little more info about controlling Canadian geese: Federal law protects Canada geese, and nearly all bird species in the U.S. However, that only means people cannot harm birds without U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) permission. USFWS frequently gives permission to kill Canada geese in urban and suburban areas!

1. –
the best info and comments are on this page
Canadian geese eggs can be coated with corn oil to prevent hatching. Then the population will not grow. Simple. Why people do not do this is beyond me. Google it “Canada goose egg oiling” or “egg addling” there are videos on you tube and the Humane Society and Geese Peace all have the basic instructions, permits, etc. Controlling the goose population non-lethally is a no brainer.


3.(while I do not condone snares/leg traps – here is info about controlling coyotes):

please notice some of the similarities

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