More Trouble for Wolves in Oregon 


Can non-native wolves receive protections reserved for native species in Oregon

Later this year the Oregon Court of Appealswillconsiderwhether it was lawful for theOregon Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission to remove the gray wolf from the state’s endangered species list in late 2015. Disagreeing with the wolf’s delisting, three environmentalist groups challenged it last year.

Pacific Legal Foundation is representing theOregonCattlemen’s Associationand theOregonFarmBureau Federationas intervenors defending the delisting, and yesterday filedabriefresponding to the environmentalist groups’ challenge to the delisting.

Their brief focuses on two primary arguments:

Oregon was legally compelled to delist the wolf because the only wolves present in the state are members of a non-native wolf subspecies, but the Oregon Endangered Species Act (ESA) only protects species native to Oregon; and when analyzing the status of species…

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