Just my opinions…Yes animals feel pain, and have other feelings as well as emotions…




Just my opinions…

Animals also remember! They do not just act on instinct as many people tend to believe. They can also be taught – a bad example is circus animals, a good example is working animals. There are NUMEROUS animal/human interacting reunion videos proving this point – showing fear at first, then showing the excitement in the animal! They also know WHEN to use emotions and actions – try taking food away from almost ANY animal, domesticated or not – and you will most likely get some sort of reaction – depending on the type of animal! Watch an animal when it is frightened – for example a cat – what does a cat do when frightened? Jump! But a cat will learn to come to the sound of a can opener after just a few lessons! Cats/dogs can be potty trained as can various wild animals when patient! Animals can figure things out on their own if given an opportunity to do so!

My old 3/4 wolf taught himself how to either stand up and ring the doorbell (NO B/S), or just scratch at the door to be let in – he RARELY barked for any reason! Other animals learn other things – domesticated or wild! Animals also tend to associate pain with certain individuals/experiences – just watch their actions and see for yourself! They show pain with body posture! Animals also do mourn for the loss of their mate – I’ve seen this in person with more than 1 type of animal!

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