Not sure what to think at times…

We have all seen and/or heard the rumors surrounding NUMEROUS animal sanctuaries (agencies/organizations) and how they either part take in, support/promote or even sponsor various animal culls.

I’ve seen info regarding WWF & WWF International, Defenders Of Wildlife, Wolf Haven and several others myself, and I find it extremely hard to trust those organizations anymore now!

The BLM, EPA, DNR and USFWS are ALL supposed to be entrusted with our wildlife’s best benefits yet they ALL are run by the Government which tend to lean on their own agendas through scandals, and cover ups!

Need proof? Just take a look at the the WAG group from Washington State – you know, the state that just recently allowed the wanton slaughter of members of the Profanity Peak Pack! Did you realize some members on the WAG group included members from D.O.F. and Wolf Haven? I know the names of the individuals and have contacted them myself, but just like everything else – they either deny or or refuse to reply! But, they continue to ask for donations for wildlife!

So answer me this – how can we trust ANY organization to take care of our wildlife?

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