“To hunt a species to extinction is not logical.” Mr. Spock Star Trek IV The Voyage Home

Well said Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy)!
While the movie itself may be science fiction and the quote is the equivalent of the latter day “save the whales” campaign that has gone on for decades – the sentiments and reasoning remains the same today, and may be even more potent today than it was at the time! How many different species of animals – mainly predators – have recently faced this predicament? How many more must endure the same thing? Any time an animal creates a “problem” the inevitable thought is to “kill them all”! But this is NOT a viable or acceptable solution! How many wild predator culls has there been recently ? How many predator calling/killing contests have you seen posted lately? It’s no wonder this is happening in an age where the world seems to be forgetting about morals and concentrating on personal greedy agendas! More & more people (wildlife advocates/activists) are starting to step out and step up for wildlife because people are starting to realize what is at stake now! Together we can make a difference! Our wildlife needs us more than ever!
But it is up to YOU to step up and step out and take a stand for wildlife!




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