Fighting for coyotes in Southern Illinois

This is a very short to the point email I just sent out to Senator Dick Durbin,, and


I am contacting you in regards to the upcoming Southern Illinois Predator Challenge to be held next weekend (Feb 4th @ 9A.M. to Feb 5th @1P.M.) at the American Legion located at 11720 Longstreet Road, Marion IL 62959. There is no need for this contest as it is not a test of skill, nor is it detrimental to manage the coyotes within that area. This only promotes cruelty to animals as they shoot to kill coyotes (and/or other prey during hunt) to see who kills the heaviest or who kills the most coyotes – and then take a selfie with the dead animal to post on social media for bragging rights! Nothing good will come out of this so we URGE you to put a halt to this contest before it is too late!

The following was also sent to Sen. Durbin by Barbara Davis:

Senator Durbin:
The proposed hunt is ecologically irresponsible, unnecessary, and promotes an attitude unfitting for true hunters. The idiots participating in this kind of endeavor are just killers and should be scorned, not celebrated. Grinning like a fool with a pile of coyote corpses and posting it on Facebook is not indicative of what real hunters do. In fact, it’s an embarrassment to anyone who hunts responsibly.

I live in a neighboring state – Wisconsin – and fairly close to the state line. I go into Illinois often to shop, vacation in Chicago and other places. If this hunt takes place, I won’t spend another dime in your state. Not for gasoline, purchases, vacation at hotels, visiting museums or even going on my annual visit to Springfield for the Lincoln sites. In fact, I will boycott Illinois based businesses, including all restaurants even the most humble fast food franchise. I’ll take my disposable income and spend it in Iowa, Minnesota or Michigan.

If the money you think you’ll get from encouraging a bunch of morons with rifles exceeds what your state earns in tourism, then you need to take a basic math class.

This hunt is a perversion. Cancel it and retain some semblance of integrity.

2 thoughts on “Fighting for coyotes in Southern Illinois

  1. Who is Dick Durban? I stand with the idiots, fools, morons and killers. These guys spend way more dollars in Illinois than someone from out of state threathing not to vacation here. We really don’t need your “disposable income”. Now let’s go hunt some coyotes!


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