Response from Project Coyote concerning several upcoming coyote killing in Illinois

Dear Douglas,

Thank you for contacting us regarding this issue. It is crucial to raise public awareness of these barbaric contests in any way possible, and to bring them to the attention of your state policymakers. Here are some suggestions:

Project Coyote is doing final editing on our film Unfair Game: Ending Wildlife Killing Contests, and we are looking into venues/outlets for nationwide distribution. We encourage you to stay in touch with our efforts regarding the film and regarding ending wildlife killing contests generally, as well as updates on our other campaigns to promote compassionate coexistence with our native predators, by visiting; signing up for our E-Team; and following us on Facebook and Twitter (where there has been a dramatic uptick in dialogue regarding the issue of killing contests). We welcome your input.

Warm regards,

Caleigh Hall

Operations & Outreach Manager



HQ OFFICE: P.O. Box 5007 Larkspur, CA 94977 | 415.945.3232


FACEBOOK: ProjectCoyote | TWITTER: @ProjectCoyote

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