The last survivor of the coyote family brutally murdered in NY



His whole family.. gone. He is alone now. I can feel his fear and sadness.

“The lone survivor of a once thriving family of coyotes , 11 whittled down to one,
photo credit
James Ferrell , Queens Tribune
Jamie ABC News New York
Dumbo, surviving male pup ,( on left current,) fearfully looking towards where traps were set and where his brother and sister may have been caught and killed in the last couple of days , he was dreadfully fearful,
(on right) when Dumbo came out to greet me and a sympathetic reporter from Queens Tribune , James Ferrell, who did a great sympathetic story on trying to get the community to accept their presence, Dumbo is 6 months here
Dumbo is named for his outsized ears of which he never grew into, he was far from dumb”

SOURCES: (Confusing results – is there 3 or just 1 left?)

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