Time to vent:

Yes, I’m quite sure we are all aware of how our congress promotes and/or sponsors so much senseless bullshit studies, yet rarely do we really hear about anything positive for wolves! This infuriates me to no end, because if the agencies that are responsible for our wilderness’ and wolves’ WELL BEING continued follow through with POSITIVE decisions and actions designed to HELP wolves rather than HURT wolves, the wolf war probably may not even exist! But instead, they would rather blame wolves (or other wildlife) for situations that were bound to happen sooner or later due to ranchers etc who were not prepared for such in the first place! But if they need to do more research to prove a fact that we already more than likely already know, they never hesitate to do so! The results are out of control when problems are neglected before they become serious problems, but the worst part is – humans ALWAYS complicate matters out of ignorance, stupidity and/or arrogance!

Man is the problem – NOT OUR WILDLIFE!

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