This is the way the wolf war goes…

Has anybody been keeping tract of trends like this?

  1. Almost every time 1 area declares a war on wolves or other predators, another area follows suite?
  2. If a planned wolf hunt (canned or not) is successful, it paves the way for similar hunts (canned or not)?
  3. When an agency comes up with a new practice or “BILL” that if passed will change or at least affect the population of wolves (or other predator species) but it does NOT pass, they just re word it and try again, and keep trying until they can get the legislation passed?
  4. Most “anti” wolf/predator people derive facts from ANTI WOLF/PREDATOR sites to begin with, rather than from a neutral site?


I will NEVER rest or give up doing what ever I can do, to help wolves (and other predators) to beat trends like this! Will you join me?

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