We can about kiss the EPA goodbye now – Scott Pruitt was nominated – little do these people understand or realize the OTHER implications that come from this and what it is going to cost them! Scott Pruitt denies climate change is real. Pruitt viciously attacked the EPA and its efforts to stop air and water pollution. He’s literally the mouthpiece of Big Oil, taking talking points written by energy lobbyists to publicly attack Obama’s Clean Power Plan. I may not have supported or voted for Obama, but he took time to do positive things to help out in areas that need the help – aka our environment, because whether people want to admit it or not, many of our taxes go into supporting these drastic measures and the literal destroying of the environment.

Pruitt’s own bio proudly declares he “is a leading advocate against the EPA’s activist agenda.”

Instead, he’s been a leading advocate for Big Oil’s agenda. In a New York Times expose, journalists discovered that letters Pruitt sent challenging Federal clean air regulators were actually written by energy lobbyists. In return, Big Polluters filled Pruitt’s campaign coffers.

This is a disaster. Scott Pruitt will undoubtedly fulfill Trump’s promise to reduce the EPA to “tidbits.”

I am forced to agree with this finding for several reasons, none of which are positive. If it were that easy to fix this country, don’t you think they would have done it already by now? This is only the beginning of the end for so many things…

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