Still not satisfied with the info from WSU regarding the Profanity Peak Pack slaughter

This is in regards to the exaggerated (false) statements made by Dr. Wielgus, and am pushing for more proof and a more clear explanation! That being said, this is what I sent & &

Hello! As an avid wolf advocate I was entrenched in the Profanity Peak Pack debacle, and STILL have some questions in regards to this article:

I read the article and fully understand what it states! But there had to have been some evidence that lead Dr. Wielgus to make the inaccurate statements he made! I emailed Robert Strenge, WSU News, 509-335-3583, but got absolutely NO help from him.

Secondly, this is a no brainer – wolves can travel MANY miles during a hunt or to relocate the pack! That area the cattle were in is part of their territory and sooner or later the cattle were bound to wind up in the wrong place at the wrong time!

I am also aware that this rancher has had a working agreement for 73 years in regards to his grazing cattle. However, there were other methods that could have and should have been exercised – I am aware of only a couple that were attempted! This particular pack was small, and could have been relocated, costing TAX PAYERS less money than was spent as it is!

Also, the BLM, the McIrvins, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife all had the role on or with the WAG group which never gave the wolves a chance – I’ve seen and read the criteria for lethal removal of wolves as well as numerous other management program principles and protocols, and to me, they never gave the wolves a chance at all as it is!

I would just like to know why you neglected to mention any of that when you forced Dr. Wielgus to publicly rescind his remarks? There is ALWAYS more to the story than the public is told!

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