I received a 2nd reply to my email in regards to Isle Royals Wolves:

There are currently 2 documented wolves remaining on Isle Royale. It is a male and a female, but the female is the daughter of the male, and they share a same mother.  They were spotted several times across the island over summer 2016.

The park is currently considering 2 different options regarding the decline of wolves on Isle Royale
1) Let nature take its course. If the wolves die off, the park would not intervene. There always exists a possibility that ice bridges will form across Lake Superior, as they have done in the past, and wolves from Minnesota could repopulate
2) Do a one time wolf reintroduction to start a new healthy pack and monitor.
3) Do continuous wolf reintroduction interventions into the future whenever there is danger of the wolf population disappearing.

The park did numerous outreach sessions to the local and park communities to receive their input regarding these different options. Now the park is examining all of this input and these different options in order to make the best decision for the future. The estimated time for a final decision is next summer.

Hope that gives you the foundation of information you’re looking for.

Chris Amidon

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