Once again, I emailed Isle Royale in regards to the presence (or lack there of) wolves within the park boundaries : they had previously allowed all but 1 wolf either die or be killed, until recently.
Me to Isle Royale: I would like to know HOW many wolves are present as of now – recently there was news of a 2nd wolf found – and also what are your plans if any for re-introducing wolves to Isle Royale? Why or why not?
Isle Royale to Me: Douglas – thanks for your interest in this wolf population. The estimate in February 2016 was two wolves. Two wolves were documented on a remote camera in June 2016. There was a reliable report of two wolves howling in September 2016. That’s about all that is known re. recent trends.
The future of wolves at Isle Royale is up to the National Park Service to decide. It is expected that NPS will release a draft EIS on wolf management sometime in December or January. There will be a comment period to follow, so you might want to look for that next.

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