Hello fellow wolf advocates and lovers! I want to invite ALL of you to “like” our NEW facebook page (our original page is MIA)! But this also gave us the opportunity to create our own website and add new tools to use as well! This is not a matter of a popularity contest in any way shape or form. Our only concern is wolves & other predators! All we want is to encourage more people to get involved with saving/protecting wolves worldwide! We will FULLY support your page or group in return, because we are all in this together, whether there are 1,000,000 wolf pages or just a single wolf page!

When people concentrate on the obvious, they miss out on the exposed material they NEED to know! Sometimes I think if you saw things from our perspective maybe it would change yours!

Until either my last breath or the very last wolf, I will ALWAYS do what I can to try and make a difference for our wolves and other wildlife! Once an advocate, always an advocate!65c624f888f3a0aabfcb76584604dc01

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