The Heart Of A Wolf

This is a true story about not giving up!


Sometime around Christmas in the mid 90’s I let Kimo outside to do his duty. About 1/2 hour later I opened the door but he wasn’t at the door so I called for him, but he never showed up so I went back inside and waited a little longer. But I thought it was very weird that he wasn’t there. 10 minutes later I called for him again, but didn’t hear anything. As I started to go back inside I heard him yelp very loudly and I knew something was wrong because that was not his nature not to come when I called his name.

Anyhow, I ran around the corner of the house and saw him towards the back, half standing, and half crawling. So I ran up to him, and that’s when I noticed he had dragged himself through the snow from way out in our backyard, about 60 yards or so. He just kept going, dragging himself and wouldn’t give up or quit. I believe the wolf instincts in him took over. It was then that I learned never give up no matter what! Yes I know ALL dogs have their basic instincts, but if you knew Kimo, then you’d understand why I said that. A friend of ours had stopped over so he and I laid a blanket down beside him and rolled him onto it and carried him inside – he was so large that it took 2 of us to do it. He seemed to relax a little, even wagged his tail but whimpered ever so slightly. But, it was the way he looked at me (a cold deep wolf type stare), that made me realize 2 things:

1- Just what a special dog he truly was & 2- even he knew it was time to say goodbye.

My father took him to the vet because I just couldn’t do it, and had him put to sleep. It was and is still so heartbreaking because he wasn’t that old – about 13. I often wonder if I had just let him rest a little, if he’d be ok but I know deep down inside we did the right thing…RIP buddy!

THAT’s why this page is dedicated to him and he is why I love wolves so much. In his honor, I am going to use his name KIMO as my handle on my posts!

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