I am sick of how people try to scare others in regards to wolves when it comes to “interacting” with wolves!

FACT: Wolves do not know the difference between livestock or wild prey! Wolves are born to hunt, it’s the law of nature but only 1 in 5 attempts is successful. Recent research is finding that many of the so-called “wolf kills” actually occurred AFTER the prey has already either died, is already close to death, is older/younger, is alone, or has become infected with 1 of countless illnesses! Elk and wildlife feeding lots are making wolf encounters more frequent than they normally would be. The last few supposed wolf kills occurred over a period of several days, not just a single day as originally reported.They are an APEX predator, what do you expect them to do?

#1. Stop believing fairy tales – normally wolves are not overly aggressive, but again, they are a wild animal and should be considered as such!
#2. They do NOT just decide to go on a killing spree! In fact, they RARELY kill more than they can eat – they fend for the entire pack when they hunt! Wolves may only consume up to 80% of larger kills at a setting for good reason. (see #5) They also may return to the site of larger kills to scavenge for left overs!
#3. They will NOT just attack unless they are provoked or their pups/den are threatened!
#4. When wolves gorge on raw meat and blood, they get what is termed “meat drunk” which actually can incapacitate a wolf. Hence usually after a LARGER meal, wolves will become lazy/lethargic and resort to taking a nap! If they continue to gorge themselves with a full belly, this can lead to serious complications!
# 5. Yes there are recorded facts of wolf attacks and even deaths! (see links below)

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