Who are you to play GOD with our wildlife?


Absolute power corrupts absolutely! Don’t believe it? Look at our wildlife and how they suffer at the hands of our corrupt officials in various offices in various agencies, including our illustrious government! 1 question comes to mind, WHY?

We are trying our best to see what good can come out of ANYTHING from H.R. 2406? The SHARE Act and all the riders it carries with it, but not having any luck… All we can come up with is 1 simple thing, WHY?
What evidence and validation does our illustrious Government have that warrants these decisions. What exactly do they envision happening or developing out of these preposterous decisions? How will it benefit WE THE PEOPLE? Why does our wildlife have to suffer due to their misguided views and prior mistakes they’ve made along the way! What does our wildlife even have to DO with our budget in the first place? Wildlife doesn’t have to be de-listed just because you think it will help balance a budget! That lie is so transparent a child can see right though it so we are not sure who they are trying to kid!
WE THE PEOPLE want our wildlife to be safe and protected because they are what real life is supposed to be all about. The H.R. 2406 Sportsmen’s Heritage and Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act and it’s riders are a DEVASTATING attack against Wolves, which in turn will affect other wildlife as well as the economy and our ecosystem.


– Will we allow species to become extinct on our watch? If we let special interest groups persuade our government officials, there will be no wildlife left if there is money to be made. Business does not care for our land, our people, or our wildlife. They care about increasing profits. This is not what our government officials should be concerned with but instead to work for the people who elected them and the future of our country’s wilderness. As an elected official you can only receive a limited amount of funding from these businesses. The people can always outraise that number if you work for them. A certain grass roots funded candidate recently proved that in his campaign. Start working for the people and see a change in our country towards a prosperous future.

– People are outraged by over hunting in Africa and species almost being wiped out, will we allow the same in the U.S. to our wildlife? In our own backyard we have irresponsible and bloodthirsty people who are the small minority who want to ravage the land and only kill for sport. Any chance they get to destroy a living being for bragging rights to their subculture is a chance that they will take. This is especially true for endangered species like wolves who are barely surviving in the wild. We see in Africa that Elephant’s, Rhino’s, and Lion’s are endangered. Yet there are only very few wolves left in the wilderness. Wolves’ are not a threat to humans. They are scared of humans and stay out of sight. Only trappers and hunters seek out these animals for their own gratification and provide absolutely no scientific evidence to back their actions to kill wolves. Enough is enough! We have killed millions of wolves as a country in the recent past. Give these living breathing animals a chance to be a part of our great wilderness as they have always been. They are almost gone and your rider to HR 2406 would make it so that they are no longer protected.

– Will we allow fairytales and propaganda against wolves persuade us to ignore the science that proves wolves are valuable to natural ecosystems? If your knowledge of wolves comes from stories like the red riding hood and the 3 little pigs, then you are not fit to make educated decisions about killing or protecting this animal. Scientists have proven that wolves are not mindless monsters but in fact are one of the most intelligent mammals on the earth. They hunt to survive and keep the deer and elk population from various diseases. The green of the forests comes back because they herd the deer and keep them moving. Young trees have a chance to grow and grasslands can flourish. Even if Wolves don’t hunt this is true.

– We spend millions to kill wildlife every year and barely support scientific efforts to preserve wildlife. The USDA Wildlife Services (WS) admitted recently in its annual report to having killed at least 3.2 million wild animals in the U.S. last year alone. Their budget is over $1.14 Billion tax dollars from 2004 to 2013. Total wild animals killed are 34 million. This is all in the name of protecting crops, farm animals, private property and even other species such as rare birds and prey species favored by hunters.

– It’s clear that greedy special interest wants more land to set up business like logging, fracking, and cattle ranching. They want to ravage the land and kill all wildlife there in. They don’t represent the people, they represent their own interest.

– Wolves were once wildlife that coexisted with humans in the north east United States. Now they are extirpated. This has occurred in the last 2 hundred years because of lack of regulation. In Maryland alone we have lost Gray Wolf, American Elk, Eastern Mountain Lion, Snowshoe hare, American marten, and Eastern harvest mouse. All to over hunting, cattle bounties, and irresponsible development. If we can learn from history we know how our American wildlife will end if we delist and deregulate efforts to preserve our true national treasure which is our wilderness land and wild beauty.


We the people want you to listen to our voice referring to H.R. 2406 Sportsman Heritage Recreational Enhancement act this new bill is unconstitutional. We are deeply troubled and do not agree with your bad decisions in which you are placing our wildlife into. Wolves should not be removed from the Endangered species protections this will surely cause extinction of the wolf due to more poaching and more trapping. The attacks on our wildlife is highly appalling, unethical and very unlogical it appears you are using our wildlife to satisfy special interests, hunters, gun lobbyists, ranchers and most of all for your own political gains. Also wolves should not be a tool to balance a budget they are Gods creatures removing them is a crime against nature and of the tax paying citizens in which you use our money to kill wolves. We the People Demand you leave Wolves Under Endangered Species protections and quit playing God with our wildlife you have no right!


To Whom it May Concern

I’m not sure who’s reading this and doubt the right one’s will as an act of indifference, so bearing that in mind I’m not going to be as formal and polite as I could be and was taught to be when speaking to someone of authority. I no longer believe in or respect any authority, not one. There is no law, principle, or moral issue binding me from my decisions, and I may do things in a way you feel is ‘wrong” but I’ve have done every wrong thing for a “right” reason whether you like my methods of achievement or not.

What you have done and allowed regarding the delisting of wolves as a federally protected species and by revoking their protected status nation-wide is like signing their warrant to execution and extinction. We all know you did it to sell the game lands for the gas and oil checks you’re getting because let me guess: “The most fertile and productive areas are in federally protected wildlife reserve lands, and if we can work right through the wolves we’ll give you a couple extra $500k if it makes you feel better about us killing off a species completely for your land and our money”………..Did this seriously just happen in a sane and rational world?

Clearly some of you are either being deliberately obtuse or your uneducated asses doesn’t remember Yellowstone National Park and the Ecological destruction of the entire park in less than a decade due to the removal of wolves……5000 acres of Aspen trees dead, herd over-population beyond control, but tourist #’s were up so the dust and litter and money increased, but the land of the entire park died!!!!! Wolves are a “keystone species” just like human beings!! If you remove all of them from an environment, the rest of the entire environment will fall totally out of balance and die, rapidly!!! I guess you never saw I Am Legend with Will Smith…..

Just moving into places and taking lives of an entire species will destroy the land. That goes for every damn land in every damn state, not just the ones wolves are in. But we have ended the existence of far too many species of life due to our greed and expansions as humans. We had federally protected lands for a reason!!! They were to be kept as natural preserves so people could experience true nature, not make money selling the damned mineral rights and destroying habitats and lives!!! Wouldn’t even be down with it if it were them coming and saying they had to bulldoze your home with your family because an gas pad or oil pump was going in, and that’s just tough shit for you, it’s going to happen. Not cool now, is it. But you’ll be ok with someone completely destroying your home and all your memories and lives as long as they offer enough money to buy a new one as nice or better. You’ve all sold out; you sold your souls for this. No lives matter more than others, not even human. To crush and unprotect this species is a moral error and I feel it’s the worst mistake in wildlife ever. Please do not do this. You can reverse the legislation, you can protect them. Do not allow this to pass. I know I said it like an asshole, but you know dam well I’m right. Make peace with it, and yourself. Protect the Wolves!!!


Are you ready to commit wildlife genocide? Because that is what will happen if you allow wolves to be delisted! Wolves initiate the feeding cycle for countless other wild animals. In essence, they ARE the Law Of Nature. Without the proper balance in nature, we doom more than just the ecosystem! Didn’t we learn enough from the last time they were delisted? Apparently not! But like so many other corrupt agencies and/or people do, you are prone to repeating the same mistakes.

Last I knew, the Government is formed by the people for the people, and we are the people. The land is PUBLIC land unless it has been purchased! Isn’t wildlife part of said land, via habitat? Thus doesn’t that make wildlife our wildlife? So, what other personal ulterior motives and personal vendettas does you really serve? Isn’t that in fact a form of abuse in itself? Are you more worried about your image than serving proper justice for wildlife in general? That’s what it sounds like to many of us tax paying citizens! You turn everything negative into another reason to control wildlife, including turning your backs on crimes committed against nature!

You tend to cater to ranchers more often than not. While nobody wants to see livestock killed by predators, it is going to happen due to the Law of Nature. Besides, do you not already have a compensation plan in place to reimburse those who lose livestock to wolves, if proven? Do you not sponsor culls throughout the year? How do energy bills or spending bills have anything to do with wildlife? In fact, you would be considered heroes to incorporate your so called energy spending bills to BENEFIT wildlife in general, rather than destroying more and more wildlife habitat along the way! We are tax payers are we not? Do we not have a say in the matter? Does that give you the right to use our hard earned income to fund these bogus practices for no viable reasons, other than make you look larger than life, and quite possibly fatten your wallets along the way? It’s the same old story every time – the faces may change but the corruption in the Government stays the same! We’re tired of all the lies and all the bullshit. It’s time we took our wildlife back and we will not rest until proper justice is served!

You approved a rather large budget (1.5 billion) but at what cost? You still feel the need to interfere with the progress made by so many people who have dedicated their lives to ensure wolves survival? Not only that but these asinine decisions will open the door for poaching, trapping, killing (legal or illegal) of other predators! You claim it’s predator management. You can use any excuse or means to justify it anyway you want, but the results are still the same! True conservation means to preserve, to save, to re-introduce! That goes for the habitat too. You are sadly mistaken if you call this wildlife conservation management!

Wildlife deserves protection because they don’t understand the concept of always being blamed for just being a wild animal! Besides, many encounters could have been avoided had proper measures and precautions had been used, or if non lethal methods were used as well. As a result, when you condemn an entire species to extinction, the ripple effect it creates and causes carries much bigger repercussions than expected, and can have more devastating results than positive outcomes. Look at the pattern and tell me it isn’t personal agendas at work! Democrats voted for the bill, republicans voted against it, with a few from each party doing the opposite. President Obama has vowed to veto the Bill if necessary, and the Democrats have vowed to overrule it if he does! It doesn’t seem logical or ethical at all, does it?

Besides you manage to screw everything else up, and don’t we have real issues to worry about instead? Just as we have our problems, wildlife has their own world to deal with, let alone humans to add more problems to their plate or complicate things as they stand now! A group or an agency is ONLY as good as it’s leader! And the USFWS is as corrupt as they come. Your agency has been exposed countless times for numerous atrocities you have either sponsored or allowed to happen, and your failure to serve proper justice for our wildlife when it is warranted, instead you turn their back on them when they need us the most! It’s well documented but many sheep just don’t get it! The main culprit is Dan Ashe, and we will not rest until he is out of office! Besides, why would we want anybody who is against wildlife rights to be in office of an agency that is responsible for their well being?

Who are you to play GOD with our wildlife?


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